A bee settlement is one of the wonders of nature on earth. It is an event full of mystery and unique to the natural world.

Bee swarms multiplies into the world as the old queen leaves the hive for the young queen and she sets out in search of a new place to establish a swarm from its inception. This is the classic way that bee swarms multiply and reproduce themselves in the world, this is the typical course of the birth of a new swarm that searches for its new place of nest.

Vulnerable new swarms that come into the world are exposed and lacking a place to live, they tend to settle in temporarily places as a cluster of bees, using these niches as a permanent settlement in a place visible man. Typically people tend to spray these new swarms so early in their new life.

The bee swarms are no different from any other animals that have settled naturally where people usually live. For example, falcons may nest in a window sill, lizards tend to establish their homes in the wind-box of tiled roofs, a turtle or a hedgehog usually settles in your garden, a swallow nests on a balcony, a lizard that has taken its place in the electrical cabinet. These are all acts of the nature’s creatures who chose to define their new or temporary home within us at our homes.

Magen Dvorim Adom was set up in the midst of the bee collapse crisis to protect bee swarms from being sprayed and exterminated. Sometimes the swarm disappears and sometimes in their effort to protect themselves from people who spray them or animals who had intended to harm them by stinging.

Magen Dvorim works to protect the bee swarms first and foremost, and whenever possible to leave them in their place. A bee swarm that does not disturb humans we try to keep them alive in coexistence with man. We teach, educate and explain the truth and the benefits of living in coexistence with the swarm, both for man and the world. If it is not possible to leave the swarm to live in coexistence and there is pressure, we transfer them to live peacefully elsewhere. The volunteers moves them to a safer place which can even be in a professional apiary, or beehive in an amateur house, or in any another natural place.

Do you have a swarm of bees at your house and is settling in a place that is disturbing or harassing or endangering you?

Contact us through the contact page shown below and we will be happy to come and rescue the swarm voluntarily for free.

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