Freedom farm for bee swarms

Because the swarms also need freedom!

If bees do not have freedom, then the plant kingdom will not have freedom, there would be no freedom in nature’s food chain, there would be no freedom for the earth, no freedom to breathe air, no freedom for food security in the world, no freedom for man and then… what will the world look like for man?

So give freedom to the swarms of bees which will in turn give freedom to the plants and earth and the human kingdom!

The Association of Red Bee Protection is advocating the importance of establishing a beekeeping farm.

We approach authorities and municipalities with the emphasis on allowing the bee population to live freely without human interference. Healing nature and vegetation surrounding the freedom farm, youth education to get children acquainted with this magical and prickly little animal and its importance in the world.

We established three freedom farms for bees in Israel.

In the mountains of Jerusalem, in Kochav Yair and in intelligence.

We are working to develop and establish additional farms in cooperation with municipal councils and educational systems throughout the country.

Transferring an entire swarm of bees found within a tree trunk to a freedom farm